Ernie’s Pride 25# bulk Brussels sprouts

EP 25# bulk cartons 56 per pallet

US #1 quality Brussels sprouts that are pre-cooled and sized, cleaned over a packing

line and packed with top ice to extend freshness and ensure quality delivery.

We also have a 10# box for smaller stores.




      Pfyffer label Jumbo Brussels sprouts

A slightly larger Brussels sprout available at a lower price point.Pre-cooled, graded and

sized and packed just like the other boxes.Size range is from 1.5-1.9 inches

in diameter.


     Ernie’s Pride label Cup Brussels sprouts

EP label cup sprouts 12 12oz cups per carton

Attractive consumer packed Brussels sprouts, there are 12 12 oz cups packed in each case.

These are typically smaller sized sprouts that are pre-cooled, graded and hand-packed

into recyclable plastic cups covered with cellophane and rubber band.

We also have 1 lb clamshells available.



                                                Pfyffer label stalk Brussels sprouts

Available late summer through December these are complete stalks of fresh Brussels

sprouts cooled and packed 9 stalks per carton.